Coaching is an opportunity to work specifically with the space between where you want to be and where you are at present. I believe in goal orientation where the journey is the destination and the pathway forward is informed by our whole selves. 

Coaching  is goal oriented and forward focused.
It’s a place for you to come and explore both your block, your personal power, and pathways forward towards your desires.

This can be especially helpful if you are feeling  

︎ unsure of what direction you want to go in

︎ stuck around bringing your dreams to life or You have the idea but bringing it to life is feeling difficult or impossible

︎ navigating and negotiating different parts of your life is feeling difficult or impossible

︎︎︎ inner critics, doubts, imposter syndrome, or physical symptoms are overwhelming you

︎ anxious about how your ideas will be received in the world

I love coaching because I feel it flies in the face of patterns of individualism, of having to do it all by ourselves, of being alone with our goals and dreams, and of having to get everything right without any support. Your inner wisdom will always be the guide in this work. My part is supporting you to get to know and live it more.

How I Work

This work includes exploring together what is stopping you from doing what you want to be doing, bringing awareness to your innate talents and skills, connecting with you inner and outer resources,  bringing clarity to your actions, and accountability to your dreams.
I work in a somatic and systemic way and will invite you to get to know these different flows of information. For more information pleas see this page.

Emergencies  >  If you are in a crisis right now and need to talk to somebody immediately there are several options. In the UK Samaritans offer a 24 hour help line on 08457 90 90 90. There is also likely to be a local crisis Line in your area offering 24 hour advice and support on mental health issues. You can find this by searching online for Crisis Line + your area.